Nursery Stock

Our nursery orders are hand dug, balled, burlapped, and filled to order. And as always, all our customers receive quality products and service, whether you order one tree or 500. Contact us for complete plant list, availability, and pricing.

Each year McLaughlin Tree Farm plants thousands of new trees with the hope that some day they will be ready for sale. In the process of establishing and growing our farms we search the country for genetically superior seedling sources, in fact some of the plants we grow hold U.S. Government plant patents. We are always eager to grow new species, varieties and cultivars and now have over 20 species of evergreens in production for future availability as nursery stock and/or Christmas Trees. Some of the species include: Norway, white, Colorado blue, Serbian, Meyer and Engelman spruce; Douglas, Canaan, Korean, Noble, Turkey, Fraser, Concolor, Veitch, and Nordmann Fir; and six varieties of holly including winterberry. Other plants under cultivation for the future include: Servicberry, river birch, several viburnum species, Hinoki Cypress, Japanese white pine, blue atlas cedar, emerald green, mission, dark American and green giant arborvitae and eastern redcedar.

Arborvitae Nigra

American Holly

Blue Holly

Blue Cypress

Blue Spruce

Canaan Fir


Douglas Fir

Eastern Red Cedar

Heritage River Birch

Japanese Holly


Leatherleaf Viburnum

Leyland Cypress


Norway Spruce

Pear Tree

Pin Oak

Serbian Spruce

S.W. White Pine

Sweetgum Tree

White Pine

White Spruce

Winterberry Holly