Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What type of payment do you accept?
    cash or check
  2. What do I need to cut down my tree?
    We are a full service farm, we provide all the service and convenience necessary for you to enjoy your fresh Christmas tree. Our staff has years of experience and we pride ourselves on the highest quality service. We include free, cutting, netting, drilling and loading.
  3. Will you carry the tree to my car and attach it for me?
    yes- loading an tying are complimentary services we provide.
  4. How can I find the best tree for me?
    First consider the characteristics you like: needle holding/freshness; fragrance; color; shape and density. Then look at how the characteristics you like, match with the different families of evergreen trees:
    Pine – the best needle retention, very good fragrance, very dense and good color.
    Fir – very good needle retention, very good fragrance, good color and variable density (from dense to natural) and color (from blue to dark green) depending on type.
    Spruce – poor needle retention, minimal fragrance, good color, density and shape, most select for strong branching habit.
    For more information, please see our Christmas Tree page which explains all the different types of trees, fragrances and needles.
  5. Do you close due to inclement weather?
    Sometimes, depending on the conditions. Please check the website for updates or call us to be sure we are open. Our phone number is (609) 259-8122 and our email is
  6. When do you open?
    November 29th to December 24th
    Monday/Thursday/Friday: 12pm- 5pm.
    Weekends: 9am to 5pm
  7. Do you net or tie the trees for FREE bailing ?
    Yes netting bailing and tying are free.
  8. Do you offer tagging?
  9. Do you drill the trunk of the tree with holes?
    Yes- we have a commercial stand straight drilling machine to drill the trunk. This is a complimentary service.
  1. Can you shape the end of the tree to fit into a base?
    yes- if you bring your stand, we will help fit it to the base of your tree.
  2. What additional products do you sell on your Tree Farm?
    Please see our Wreaths and Decorations page. We sell tree stands, wreaths, roping, kissing balls, garland, advent wreaths, and grave crosses and blankets.
  3. What different types of trees do you sell?
    Please see our Christmas Tree page. New this year on the farm are our Premium North Carolina Fraser Firs!!
  4. Do you offer any food or beverages on the farm?
    yes – free popcorn and hot chocolate
  5. Do you have precut trees?
  6. Do you allow pets?
  7. Do you have bathrooms available?
  8. Are your trees ecofriendly?
  9. What is the story behind your logo?
    We searched for a unique and representative design that conveys who we are. The two trees of different sizes, one bigger, represent our current and future, with the open circle and our name representing our care for products.